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Reform was established in 2010. It is a professional and comprehensive online marketing strategy promotion company. Through insight into market big data, analyze your current business and target audience, choose the most suitable social media platform to help you attract more customers and learn more about the needs of consumers and potential customers. We also cooperate with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and digital marketing (digital marketing), focusing on the discovery and conversion of potential customers, so that you can enjoy unlimited business opportunities!

REFORM Professional Team



Since graduation, he has been involved in advertising and promotion media, from traditional industrialized production of mailing leaflets to outdoor and minibus advertising. At the peak period, its mailing leaflet promotion business accounted for more than 50% of the overall Hong Kong market share, which has been a lot over the years. Various types of promotional activities are planned by enterprises, well-known pharmaceutical companies, and medical beauty customers. He went from offline to online, applying his accumulated years of design, planning, art, and advertising experience to online media business strategy experience, and his achievements are highly regarded by customers. Ricky was appointed by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong as a voluntary network promotion consultant and a member of the design group of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.


Project Manager

Engaged in the beauty industry for more than ten years, from a junior beautician to a beauty salon owner, with the spirit of hard work, I experienced commercial competition in the beauty salon and did not give up. This is because I am passionate about business. With years of beauty experience, the way to successfully start a business is to promote marketing and find the right customers online. So I resolutely abandoned the beauty salon business and continued to study for five years, determined to create a new world for the beauty industry. Today, my team and I, based on our knowledge of the beauty industry, combined with the latest and strongest online promotion technology, successfully created promotion secrets. Fully devote itself to the ranks of beauty promotion, and strive to help beauty companies of all sizes find customers from the Internet, so as to bring a stable business and solve the difficulties of online promotion! "The competition in the beauty industry is fierce. How can we break through? The point is to say the value. I firmly believe that every beauty salon is unique, just like a restaurant. Every beauty salon has its own unique taste. My vision is Help beauty salons of all sizes find exclusive and unique value."


Analysis Consultant

Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing), Google Analytics Certified Individual (Google Analytics Certified Individual), Google Advertising Certification (Google AdWords Certified Individual), HKSTP Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Professional Clinic Consultant. Raymond graduated from the Graduate School of Business Administration at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington, USA, majoring in e-commerce, technology and innovation management. He is the co-founder of a website platform company and serves customers from different industries and scales. Raymond has been invited by the Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Productivity Council, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Institution of Engineers, Institute of Marketing, Hong Kong Law Society, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Entrepreneurship Project, Christian Retail Association and other organizations to hold courses and seminars.

Published Book

It was an informative seminar Very Good!

-Health Aims Organic ~ Duncan Ko-
Healthy Food Director

The content of the course is very good and there are many benefits ! Thanks

-Agnus Yau-
Re:echo Outdoor Shop Director

SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 新聞發佈 美容 健康
客戶見證 客戶 專業 Reform ReformMarketing
SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告 合作

Sales Representative

If you are:

– Business sales passion
– Expand business capabilities
– Customer sales experience

SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告

Marketing Representative

If you are:

– Keen market sense
– Rich experience in online promotion
– Avant-grade promotion ideas

SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告 網上廣告

Media Designer

If you are:

– Unlimited creativity
– Rich design experience

SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告


If you are:

– Website system construction experience
– Good teamwork ability

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