How to Start Promotion Strategy

How many people are real experts in online promotion? For many entrepreneurs, their advantage is that they are very familiar and professional in their industry. But in online marketing, market demand is the dominant one. Promote the market before proceeding, which can accurately allocate resources and formulate appropriate promotion strategies

Big Data can Help You

In today’s technologically advanced society, as long as big data analysis is used, marketing can be done well. The service we provide is to accurately calculate the services or products of each entrepreneur, and then use these data to calculate a set of effective promotion methods. Get the biggest publicity effect with the fastest time and the lowest cost. Therefore, we will first analyze the big data traffic, and then use our experience to help customers tailor-made online promotion strategies that are both effective and cost-saving.

Market demand research helps expand business

The results of market demand research represent the total demand for specific products/services. Where potential customers pay attention to products/services, they can truly understand customer needs and provide a clearer direction for future marketing strategies. Help your business expand and increase the conversion rate of online marketing.

How to use research data

Market demand research data will enable you to plan your website structure! A good website plan is like a great plan to attract customers and can directly help you promote business development. Therefore, research data allows you to capture the needs and concerns of potential customers. According to these needs, plan the content that customers pay attention to so that each page of the website can be accurately designed, and finally an effective purchase process can be realized.


After the website is built, what if business is generated on the website? The best way is to use the two big platforms of Google and Facebook, with facebook ads, SEO and SEM to increase the number of visitors, so that online business can truly operate. Reform Marketing as your marketing partner, our experienced team can help you implement the entire network marketing plan.

We help you create your own uniqueness

Through strategic consulting services, you can clearly understand the current online business situation, and then use big data to analyze the market to help you create your own uniqueness, formulate the best market positioning and marketing strategy, so that you can more accurately online promotion and effectively find target customers.

Perfect online marketing system

We have a very complete online marketing system that can communicate with customers uninterruptedly, including collecting various data, sorting out the company’s characteristics, selling points and directions, and then conducting market analysis and surveys. We will check your current promotional effects based on these data from time to time, and even analyze the effects of each item, look for areas for improvement and explain in detail. With the support of big data, we can formulate the most complete business strategy and marketing strategy. In this way, your business source will not be a single channel, but an all-round channel, so your business can achieve explosive growth.

Advisory services Grow with you

We will also provide consulting services and detailed monthly reports to monitor the data flow in response to the constantly changing network promotion. At the same time, the consultant will explain the report, analyze the current situation and whether the overall strategy is correct. And propose improvement measures to help your business obtain greater benefits, and even have the opportunity to double your performance. This is what makes us different. Your product will attract a large number of potential customers.

Why do you need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics allows you to understand everything that is happening on the website! From simple visitor numbers to complex ways of converting visitors into customers, and measuring the effectiveness of various promotional activities, not to mention that Google Analytics can also be based on your customer interests and remarketing behavior. In addition, you can also use Search Console, AdWords and Adsense to take full advantage of the features of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a must-read report for marketers and webmasters every day.

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