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PR Press Releases that Cannot Be Ignored in the E Generation

Many brands and companies will hold press conferences to obtain media coverage, or regularly publish product and service information press releases to maintain public awareness. In addition to the past TV news, newspapers and magazines, more press releases can now be distributed instantly through the Internet and specific media platforms to further achieve promotional effects. Beauty Talk media platform has an average of nearly 100,000 page views per month. It provides PR press release services and advertising services for major media, keeps up with trends, and releases the latest and hottest information to audiences.

The Importance of PR Press Release

  • Increase the short-term influence of the brand and increase the exposure of the product
  • Build a brand image and spread your information to the as soon as possible
  • Bring your product news to consumers and improve marketing effectiveness
  • Conduct soft promotions and promote your products in the form of press releases
  • Press release can help improve SEO results
  • Let your promotion message spread to around the world

Beauty Talk PR Publishing Service Advantages:

High Ranking Wide Coverage

BeautyTalk information media and magazine platform has a large amount of long-term stable traffic from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and etc., with close to 100,000 monthly active users.

Clear Positioning and Rich Content

BeautyTalk covers healthcare, beauty, makeup, lifestyle, and the latest discounts. Moreover, the content is rich, and there is a stable browsing group to track the main topics. BeautyTalk will regularly update website articles and further increase website traffic. Many people have achieved the best publicity effect in the news and latest information of major media.

High-end Brands Together

BeautyTalk, can collect information from high-end brands such as medical care, health care and beauty, which means that our platform has higher information readability and attention, and has greater development potential and promotion capabilities.

新聞發佈 SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告 網頁設計

Self-service Media Submission System for Free and Fast Submission

In the past, BeautyTalk, like most media platforms on the market, used email to receive media press releases. A large number of submission emails prevented the submission from being posted immediately. In view of this, we have our own media submission system. The press release service only requires a simple registration, and you can use the BeautyTalk press release service to submit the latest information yourself. Use the simplest method to quickly achieve the best publicity effect.

We sync with Facebook Page

We have synced the Facebook page. When submitting an article on the BeautyTalk website, the information will also be posted on the BeautyTalk Facebook page so that active users who like to browse Facebook have the opportunity to get more information.

Display Advertising Service

In addition to press release services, BeautyTalk also launched a display advertising service. We have a large number of long-term and stable visits in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other country. The main audience is a group of high-end fashion consumers with a strong sense of health. Our display advertising service provides display your products, services and effectively promote your brand, products or services by using the platform’s own traffic advertising effects.

新聞發佈 SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告 網頁設計

BeautyTalk publishes the latest and hottest information to most viewers. If you have any press release service or advertising service cooperation, please contact us!

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