Brand strategy: "Seven Times Theory" Marketing shape brand effect

Many clients in the market are beginning to pay attention to the brand and find that the original brand can go beyond the borders. As long as your brand is unique, it can form a brand effect on the network around the world. Naturally, potential customers have a great chance to find reaching your company. Our company has a theory of 7 times, which means that consumers need to see your advertisement more than seven times on the Internet before they will have a purchase intention for your product or service. We recommend our client start doing more marketing strategies on brand strategy because it can enable the company to develop in the long term and improve competitiveness.

Quality Brand Strategy Plan

Brand strategy model is the future

The brand is a continuous, not a single-time sales model. As long as you are good enough to irrigate your brand, over time you will find that the business can escape from price cuts, price wars, and even stand out from the crowd of similar products. We pay great attention of using big data to help clients do brand promotion, or use some brand strategy models to sell advertisements on websites and increase exposure on different social media, prompting consumers and you to generate business deals.

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Heading to the next level with high-quality brand strategy is necessary

The company’s brand image is the company’s intangible assets and core competitiveness. Therefore, establishing a good brand image is not only easy to win the favour and trust of consumers, but also helps the company’s products or services to seize market share. The Reform professional team will combine experience and creativity to closely follow the local market trends and tailor-made your own company brand image strategy.

We will establish a brand advantage for you. Reform is dedicated to assisting the company’s brand image promotion events, including logo design, advertising poster promotion, online promotion, photography promotion, packaging promotion and other event promotion planning. Starting from the actual situation, we will establish a brand advantage for the company, adjusting market strategies, enhancing the company’s brand image, creating business value and social value for the company.

Message mode and behavior: In-depth understanding of the real needs of users

Our professional designers obtain more user opinions, suggestions and needs by analyzing market data and consumer feedback, and gain a deeper understanding of user goals, deep motivations, behaviors, ideas, attitudes and values. We combine all kinds of information to evaluate the feasibility of design from multiple angles of technology, business, culture, etc. and provide customers with the most suitable plan.

Let your brand enter the Greater Bay Area

In the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the future development potential is immeasurable!

In addition to providing marketing strategy consultation, we will target groups, and systematically help customers to conduct market research and analysis, selecting appropriate online and offline promotion platforms and providing creative advertising, effectively carry out brand promotion or co-brand cross-promotion to increase the participation of target audience. The participation of the audience will shape the company’s brand image that is beneficial to the company’s long-term development and will allow your brand entering the Greater Bay Area in the future development so that the business will grow explosively.

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