Content Marketing

Content marketing is better than SEO

SEO not only about website optimization, SEO is only part of the entire content marketing. Your SEO efforts will prove futile without quality content. “Content is king” is the key point of SEO and content marketing. In order for your website to stay current, you need to create content and have a content marketing strategy.

If your website has SEO, can it rank on Google?

If your content and SEO is not work aligned with market needs and potential customers. Our content marketing will first conduct market research on your business, and then make recommendations and plans. The follow-up work is to work with you to adjust the existing content, and make modifications and adjustments.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Google search engine index rise example

After several months of content production and optimization, the site has greatly improved in terms of Google search engine inclusion (including Google search engine inclusion: how much company website content Google collects in its database). The reason for the growth is that our work is based on very scientific market research.

Content Marketing Category

Step 1 Strategic Planning

  • Plan a “Purpose-Oriented” Strategy
  • Set the target customer group and the buyer’s journey to restructure the website

Step 2 Content Planning and Creation

  • Plan the content of the target customer group
  • Instruct customers to compile content according to market needs
  • Link content to company products or services

Step 3 Content and Webpage Optimization

  • Photos, content, tags, URL, titles, maps
  • Internal links, external links, social media messages, social media operations

Step 4 Data Analysis and Evaluation

  • Evaluate relevant performance indicators to check results
  • Assess whether the goal has been achieved
  • Analysis Result
  • Gradually Optimize Content

Case Reference :

**Regarding the above-mentioned actual customer cases, Reform, as a professional online promotion company, can bring online traffic and visitors to customers, and customer business will not be linked to Reform. Whether customers can convert visitors into businesses includes several main factors: product/service prices, market competitiveness, online answers and sales skills.

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*Services include online market analysis and planning, page editing, web page preparation and design, website content and technology optimization SEO, consulting meetings and reports: including data analysis, improvement suggestions and content adjustments.

*The service contract period is 6 months; images, videos and text content are provided by the customer