關鍵字 SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告 網頁設計

Benefits of Keyword Advertising

Keyword advertising is one of Google’s business promotion models, because through active search, your company’s website can be displayed to your potential customers from the rankings and directly contact your potential customers. Therefore, keyword advertising can greatly improve your marketing efficiency in a short time. For companies, choosing Google keyword advertising is undoubtedly one of the most sensible marketing strategies for companies.

Google Display Network is a huge network, reaching 90% of network users

Google Display Advertising is one of your best advertising models. Use Google’s huge network (GDN) to cover 90% of online users and help your ads achieve the first step in comprehensive online marketing. The network covers 80% of Hong Kong’s websites, including: large media websites, YouTube videos and customer websites. In addition, you can use mobile devices and apps to show ads to potential customers. You can also impress people with images or videos.

Targeted advertising audience

We set the audience, area and time of the advertisement according to your goals. You can also set up audiences based on the location, age, gender, interests, and even behavior of potential customers. A variety of advertising formats will be combined to help you achieve the most perfect advertising combination, so as to obtain accurate advertising. As long as you use advertising to push, your product will attract a large number of potential customers.

Youtube Ads 2 billion viewers make your dynamic ads everywhere

Youtube is the most popular audio-visual website in the world, ranking second in the world on Alexa. It is estimated that there are as many as 2 billion users worldwide, and they continue to grow. Due to the wide audience and the relationship between language usage, many foreign movie or song titles video easily get 1 billion or 10 billion clicks (cumulative).

Its function or nature is similar to domestic Tencent video, Youku, bilibili and TikTok. Youtube is very popular all over the world, and it also has great advantages abroad. It is not only the American market, European and American markets, but also includes Southeast Asian markets along the “Belt and Road”, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East. YouTube is the main video platform in these places. If you advertise on YouTube, you have the opportunity to show it globally.

Successful Client Case

關鍵字廣告 SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告 網頁設計
SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告
SEO 內容營銷 專業策略 廣告效果 高效廣告

One Price, Reform Team will serve you

$ 3,500 or above per month

We help you to create more clients online

*The service includes 1 set of Google advertising management per month (1 set each for keywords and display ads

*The service contract period is 6 months; images, videos and text content are provided by the customer